Online Aptitude Tests

One of the main reasons for the surge in popularity of aptitude tests (which are also commonly referred to as psychometric tests) becoming a standardised part of the recruitment process of large companies is the ability to deliver aptitude tests online. This is a very large benefit to both the recruiting company and the applicant.

Why Online Aptitude / Psychometric Tests are Good for The Applicant

The ability to take a company online aptitude assessment, whatever kind of assessment it is (numerical, verbal, logical or other) is a huge benefit to an applicant. The candidate can take the test anywhere they have access to an Internet connection, so they can do it at home, at the library or anywhere else that is a suitable environment for them to take the test where they will not be disturbed during the process. As well as convenience and the ability to find a suitable location and time to take the test (thereby allowing the candidate to create a suitable environment to give themselves the best chance of success), the ability to take one or more online aptitude tests is also a huge time saver and cost saver. The candidate does not have to travel to a location of the recruiting company (a process that could take a lot of time) simply to sit one or two tests that thanks to technology can now be delivered to the candidate at home, saving time and travel costs.

Why Online Aptitude / Psychometric Tests are Good for The Recruiting Company

It has been stated by various studies that the introduction of aptitude testing in recruiting at large companies has allowed these companies to cut the costs of their recruiting by 30-40 percent. Different companies will use online aptitude tests at different stages of their recruitment processes, however they will most often used an initial stage of screening candidates, thereby filtering out unsuitable applicants and saving the recruitment team time and money at the later stages of the application process. Similarly as stated above, the company does not have to waste time getting candidates to come to the company premises simply to sit a couple of short aptitude assessments. As a result, companies such as SHL and Saville Consulting who are the main providers of the test products have come to be seen as essential resource providers by many companies around the world.

Why Applicants Should Want to do Well on Online Aptitude Tests

Online aptitude tests are becoming the first stage of candidate filtering for more and more companies. Sometimes the candidates scores on the aptitude tests alone will decide their progression to the next round or rejection, at other times it will be a combination of aptitude test performance and the candidates C.V. or application form. When the aptitude tests are not used as the initial stage of candidate filtering, they are normally used as part of assessment centres, which may be online / computerised or may be written tests. If the test takes place at the assessment centre stage of the process on some occasions more weight is placed on the performance in the test and some occasions it is not so important, it varies from company to company.

Getting Practice at Online Aptitude Tests

The best place for candidates to get practice at different kinds of quality practice aptitude tests is the Assessment Day website. Assessment Day has a wide range of practice aptitude assessments which will help give candidates the advantage when it comes to their employment prospects. All of the assessment day tests have full answers and solutions available and will always help out if you have any questions or problems.

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