SHL Aptitude Tests at Lloyds Banking Group & Lloyds TSB

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Lloyds Banking Group Application and Assessment Process

Lloyds Banking Group, including Lloyds TSB and all the other members of Lloyds Banking Group has a fairly length, thorough recruitment process. All applicants are requested to complete an initial online numerical reasoning test, and then depending on the division and position applied for, the candidate may face an online logical reasoning test and/or an online verbal reasoning test. If a candidate is successful in making it through the initial online aptitude assessments they are likely to have to take a telephone interview, consisting of mainly competency based interview questions. Successfully navigating the telephone interview will lead in applicants being invited to an assessment centre. The Lloyds Banking Group assessment centre day consists of additional aptitude tests in the form of a logical reasoning exercise, a group exercise and interview, and then to finish off with fact finding exercise or case study which requires you to prepare a report and present it as the end.

Lloyds Banking Group use of SHL Numerical and Verbal Aptitude Tests

As previously stated, the initial application stages at Lloyds BG require you to take a numerical reasoning test with the potential for logical and/or verbal tests in addition to be taken online. The initial numerical test has 20 questions, whilst the verbal test reportedly has 24 questions. Previously, As part of the Lloyds Banking Group assessment day, candidates were expected to complete a second numerical reasoning test, in addition to the earlier online assessments. Depending on the position and division a candidate was applying to, they may also have been expected to complete a second verbal reasoning exercise. As of November 2010 the second numerical reasoning test at the assessment centre has been replaced by an SHL logical reasoning test (sometimes known as an inductive reasoning test). The Lloyds BG SHL logical reasoning test consists of 40 questions and you are given 20 minutes to answer the questions. The test is not negatively marked so candidates are just advised to complete as much of the test as possible in an accurate fashion. There is some conjecture about whether the online aptitude tests are produced by PSL or SHL. Many years ago Lloyds TSB used PSL as their provider that agreement was signed back in 2004. As the logical reasoning test at the assessment centre is now made by SHL there is a high probability the online tests are also SHL tests. Depending on what job you are applying for, you may also be asked to take a second verbal reasoning assessment. As an example, one candidate who applied for an internship at their assessment centre had to take a second numerical test but did not face a second verbal reasoning task. In addition, depending on the divison and role being applied for, according to the guidelines given by Lloyds Banking Group to their interviewers, applicants can face a further practical test in their interview, such proof reading or budget reporting.

Difficulty of Lloyds Banking Group Aptitude Tests

Old system - It is generally regarded that the aptitude tests at Lloyds Banking Group assessment day are more difficult than the initial online tests. In particular, the numerical reasoning test is regarded as very challenging, and many candidates may not finish it in the allotted time. The verbal reasoning test is of more moderate difficulty and reasonably similar to the one taken online.

November 2010 Update - The Lloyds BG logical reasoning assessment is not regarded as being too difficult, with the main issue being that candidates have to answer a question on average every thirty seconds in order to finish the test. Candidates are not penalised for failing to answer all 40 questions so while speed is somewhat of the essence, taking the time to make sure of your answers will not mean you are discriminated against.

Practising for Lloyds Banking Group SHL Aptitude Tests

If candidates who have qualified for the Lloyds Banking Group / Lloyds TSB assessment centre want to get in practice for their forthcoming logical reasoning test, the best place to get practice logical reasoning tests is the Assessment Day website. Assessment Day are the leading site on the Internet for practice aptitude test of all kinds and to's knowledge the only place to get quality practice logical reasoning tests that are of difficulty similar to the ones used in the Lloyds assessment centre.

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