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Deloitte are one of the biggest and most well known companies in the world, being part of the accounting "big four". Year-on-year they have a high volume intake of graduates, and also employ many management level staff in offices throughout the UK and the wider world.

How Do Deloitte Use Aptitude Tests?

Unlike other employers Deloitte do not use aptitude tests as the initial barometer for candidates. Instead candidates face a telephone interview, which if they are successful in passing, then they are invited to take the aptitude tests. Candidates for the graduate scheme have to sit both an online numerical test and an online verbal test if they are successful in passing the numerical test. If successful in both online aptitude tests candidates will be invited for assessment centres and potentially partner interviews if they make it that far.

According to various past candidates, it takes anywhere between a few minutes to a couple of days to get the results of your numerical test from Deloitte to see if you will move onto the verbal test. If you fail the verbal test the rejection letter is usually fairly swift in arriving. Candidates who have been successful can be waiting for over a week to receive confirmation of their invitation to an interview or assessment.

The assessment centre could involve an e-tray test, which whilst not one of the traditional aptitude tests still falls under the test category so it is worth getting in some e-tray practice if you make it past the initial round of tests and are invited to an assessment.

Who Produces Deloittes Aptitude Tests?

Deloitte uses the SHL system of tests rather than PSL or any of their other competitors. In the past Deloitte used PSL for their numerical tests, but since 2009 have switched to SHL.

Topics of Revision for Deloitte Aptitude Tests

Topics of revision for the numerical test should include:

Reading and assessing charts, graphs and tables
Foreign currency and currency exchange
Time calculations

For the verbal test (in general, not Deloitte specific) make sure your answers are formed only based on the passage of text given and do not apply any outside knowledge you have of the subject of the text, as that could result in incorrect answers. Past takers of the tests have remarked that the difficulty level is harder than that of most practice tests, and that the Deloitte numerical reasoning test is much harder than their verbal reasoning test, with candidates "unlikely to finish all questions within the time limit", putting an emphasis on the quality of answers over quantity . In other words, get answers you feel happy with, even if it means answering less of the questions. As with other companies, it has been commented upon that Deloittes tests contain a lot of language that will try to catch you out or make you second guess yourself, so try to understand each question as clearly as possible.

Practicing for Deloitte SHL Aptitude Tests

As always, the best thing you can do in get in lots of practice. Based on the information from the past candidates, practice numerical tests in particular. The best place to practice for Deloitte's numerical test is at Assessment Day, the internet's leading practice aptitude test website.

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