Aptitude Tests in Retail & FMCG Companies

An employment sector where the use of aptitude tests as part of the selection process is on the increase is the retail and FMCG sector. Certain long standing firms in this sector such as Marks & Spencer and Unilever have used aptitude tests for many years but many other firms are catching onto the benefits of doing so. Staff working in the retail & FMCG sector will need to be able to think quickly on their feet and be good with both words and numbers so aptitude tests such as those from SHL, Kenexa, Saville Consulting and others are ideal in helping these companies to find the best candidates from their pool of applicants.

Which Retail & FMCG Companies Use Aptitude Tests?

Over time PracticeSHLTests.com has been collecting and will continue to collect information about how specific companies in the retail and FMCG sector use aptitude tests to help select the best candidates. As we acquire more information, the researched companies will gain individual pages which will be listed below. For specific details about your chosen company, please click through from the list below for details if appropriate.

Arla Foods
John Lewis
Johnson & Johnson
Kimberly Clark
Marks & Spencer
Proctor & Gamble

Advice for Retail & FMCG Aptitude Testing

PracticeSHLTests.com has specific pages for offering information and advice to our readers as well as a small sample of practice verbal reasoning test questions, all the aforementioned resources can be found below:

Numerical Reasoning
Verbal Reasoning
Diagrammatic Reasoning
Abstract / Inductive Reasoning

Free Online Verbal Reasoning Practice Questions
Hints and Tips for Passing SHL and Other Aptitude Tests

Getting Practice for Retail & FMCG Aptitude Tests

It is well known that the more practice a candidate gains in taking aptitude tests (of any style, be it SHL tests, PSL or another brand), the better equipped they become to handle that part of the assessment process at whichever company they are applying for. Taking even a couple of tests of each kind they are likely to face will result in a much greater awareness of the kinds of thinking required.

If you wish to take great practice tests that will enable you to get to grips with the kinds of aptitude and psychometric assessments that companies will expect you to pass, PracticeSHLTests.com recommends the Assessment Day website. Assessment Day have a great range of numerical, verbal and logical practice reasoning tests designed to give candidates a huge boost in getting their ideal role.

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