The Use of Aptitude Tests (SHL & Others) in Investment Banking & Finance

It is a common consensus that the use of aptitude tests or psychometric tests such as those made by SHL, Kenexa and their competitors in recruitment processes is becoming more and more widespread. In the financial sector this is more true than in some other sectors, but how true is it in the specialised lucrative niche of investment banking?

Which Investment Banks Use Aptitude Tests?

If we have details about how a particular investment bank make use of aptitude tests in their application process and what brand of tests they choose to use (or whether they choose to produce their own in house assessments), the list below will have a link to that banks own page. Please click through for details.

Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Barclays Capital
Credit Suisse
Deutsche Bank
Goldman Sachs
M&G Investments
Morgan Stanley
Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)
Standard Chartered

General Advice for Preparing for Investment Banking Psychometric Tests

If you are looking for information about a specific type of test, or just general hints and tips, the following pages may help you:

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