The Use of Aptitude Tests (SHL & Others) in Accounting and Finance

Financial firms and accounting organisations in particular are among the most likely to be using aptitude tests in their candidate assessment processes. Because of the need for good numerical skills among employees in most positions in these companies, most firms will put applicants through a minimum of a numerical reasoning test, with the use of verbal tests ranging from company to company.

Which Finance and Accountancy Firms Use Aptitude Tests?

If we have details about how a particular accountancy firm or financial institution make use of aptitude tests in their application process and what brand of tests they choose to use (or whether they choose to produce their own in house assessments), the list below will have a link to that companies own page. Please click through for details.

Baillie Gifford
Baker Tilly
BDO Stoy Hayward
Capital One
Cooper Parry
Ernst and Young
Financial Services Authority (FSA)
Grant Thornton
M&G Investments
Moore Stephens
PKF (Pannell Kerr Forster)
PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)
RSM Tenon
Smith & Williamson
Zurich Financial Services

General Advice for Preparing for Accounting and Finance Aptitude Tests

If you are looking for information about a specific type of test, or just general hints and tips, the following pages may help you:

Taking Practice Aptitude Tests To Increase Your Prospects

It is well known that the more practice a candidate gains in taking aptitude tests (of any style, be it SHL tests, PSL or another brand), the better equipped they become to handle that part of the assessment process at whichever company they are applying for. Taking even a couple of tests of each kind they are likely to face will result in a much greater awareness of the kinds of thinking required.

If you wish to take great practice tests that will enable you to get to grips with the kinds of aptitude and psychometric assessments that companies will expect you to pass, recommends the Assessment Day website. Assessment Day have a great range of numerical, verbal and logical practice reasoning tests designed to give candidates a huge boost in getting their ideal role.

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