Practice SHL Tests

If you came across this website because you were searching for "practice shl tests" in google or another search engine, you already know what SHL tests are, so follow this link for where to get practice SHL tests, or click the button below. If you are not quite so familar with SHL tests, please read on:

What are SHL Tests?

SHL Tests are a brand of aptitude or assessment test. They can cover topics such as numerical, verbal and diagrammatic reasoning as well as other areas such as personality tests. SHL are widely considered to be the world leaders in their field.

Who Uses SHL Tests?

Aptitude tests produced by companies such as SHL are now standard in the assessment process used by large companies in order to find the best candidates for roles, particularly at graduate and management level. Typical examples of companies who use SHL (or similar) products in their assessment process would be large banks and financial institutions, and most of the companies in the FTSE 100 in the UK.

The first stage of the assessment process for these companies is often an online assessment using one or more aptitude tests. If a candidate achieves a satisfactory score, they will usually be invited to the next stage of the application process, which will involve interviews and potentially more aptitude tests. These second level tests are often on paper as opposed to on a computer or online.

Why Should I Practice SHL Or Other Types of Aptitude Tests?

Getting in some practice at the different types of aptitude tests (numerical, verbal, diagrammatic and inductive being the most common types) will help you to understand the kind of thinking required to do well on these tests. Some of the questions will be harder than others, the same is true of nearly all tests. But on SHL style tests there will often be trick questions or questions that require you to think in a certain way to get the correct answer.

Spending a few pounds on some practice tests could be the difference between you making it through to the next round of an assessment process and ultimately could be the difference in you getting the job you are after, or not making it past the first stage of the assessment.

Where can I Practice SHL Style Tests?

The main quality supplier of practice SHL style tests is Assessment Day. Assessment Day offer the ability to buy separate packs of numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning or diagrammatic / logical reasoning tests, or a combined bundle at a discount price.

Assessment Day offer fully worked solutions to all their test questions and will be more than willing to help you if you have any problems.

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